BBA (MONROE) from its King Graduate School is ACBSP accredited and offers students the industry-ready skills and competencies necessary to gain an edge in their careers.

Monroe’s Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration (BBA) is a practical and employable degree that can be considered a gateway to numerous job opportunities in industries such as marketing, finance and sales. Monroe’s BBA program is a true example of “value for money” as it is ACBSP Accredited, offers career-focused skills learning and high-value internships, and is full of networking opportunities that can position you for a rewarding career after college.

Program Details

BBA Program

While pursuing the BBA program, you will take the first two years of the program leading to an associate degree from Texila. Based on the articulation agreement with Monroe College, these credits will be transferred to Monroe when you pursue further education with Monroe directly on their campus. Similar to Monroe’s MBA program structure, when pursuing, you will undertake the first two years of your degree program in Guyana at TAU’s campus. You will then have the option of completing the last two years of your program in the U.S. at Monroe’s Campus. Monroe’s BBA program offers a flexible schedule and gives you the ability to create a custom interdisciplinary plan.



4 Years

  • O Level minimum of five (5) subjects of CSEC General Proficiency (minimum Grade III) or GCE “O” level (minimum Grade C) Subjects must include English Language and Mathematics


Upon the approval of the Monroe College’s Dean of the School of Business and Accounting, the student may be awarded Monroe College credits. The below table is a representation of courses taken at Texila and the corresponding credit award with Monroe College. Credit awards are subjective and depends on students’ grade and GPA.

Texila American University Monroe College Credits
Business Environment MG 101 Introduction to Business 3*
Marketing Concepts MK 101 Marketing Foundations 3*
Financial Accounting AC 161 Financial Accountingt 3*
Business Society and Ethics MG 112 Business Ethics 3**
Principles and Practice of Management MG 201 Principles of Management 3*
Management Accounting AC 163 Management Accounting 3*
Business Law BL 201 Business Law I 3*
Business Economics EC 201 Macroeconomics 3*
Business Mathematics MA 115 Quantitative Reasoning 3*
Business Communications LA 205 Professional Communication 3*
Sales and Distribution Management MK 202 Art of Selling 3**
Computer Application I IT 118 Integrated Business Application 3*
Business Statistics MA 145 Statistics for Business I 3*
Business Finance FA 302 Principles of Finance 3*
Marketing Management MK 322 Marketing Management 3**
Organizational Behaviour
Human Resources
MG 313 Org. Behavior and Effectiveness 3*
Human Resources Development MG 211 Human Resource Management 3**
Advert. and Public Relations MK 201 Integrated Advert & Promotion 3**
Management Info. System MG 362 Business Systems Management 3*
Entrepreneurial Develop. MG 340 Intro. to Entrepreneurship 3*
Corporate Planning and Strategic Management MG 485 Business Policy and Strategy 3**
Banking Law and Practice Business Elective 3**
Operation Research Business Elective 3**
Computer Application II Business Elective 3**
Environment Management Business Elective 3**
* Requirement

Admission Requirements

If you’re interested in applying for Monroe’s BBA through TAU, it is important to note the following steps and requirements for entry into the program:

  1. Admissions Essay: As part of the admissions process, you must submit an original written statement that outlines why you are pursuing the BBA, your goals and expectations for the program, and your reason for selecting Monroe College as your school of choice. At the BBA level, your admissions essay should be a minimum of 350 words.
  2. Proof of English Proficiency: For 4 years, English is a required course. If the student does not have English Proof, English Proficiency has to be submitted.
  3. High School Transcript: You are required to submit an official High School Transcript that outlines your academic records and accomplishments in high school for grades 10, 11 and 12.
  4. Official High School Diploma
  5. Official College Transcripts: This step is applicable only if you are requesting a transfer of credits. If you are submitting unofficial transcripts, they should be scanned and submitted via email. Otherwise, all official transcripts from previous degree or diploma programs undertaken by you should be mailed directly to Monroe College from the institution attended.
  6. Certification of Completion for Degree/Diploma, if applicable.
  7. Letter of Recommendation: You are required to submit two (2) letters of recommendation. We advise that recommendation letters come from reputable and relevant sources such as previous or current employers, principals, guidance counsellors, and teachers or lecturers from any secondary or tertiary institution that you have attended.
  8. Current Curriculum Vitae (CV): You must submit a current CV highlighting your total professional experience, educational background, and extracurricular activities relevant to your studies.
  9. In order to be eligible for credit transfer, students must also submit proof of completion of Texila courses along with transcripts.

Once your application is submitted, reviewed and approved, you will be invited to be interviewed by Monroe’s Admission Board.

Apply Now

Please provide details below and we will mail you the details of our BBA program Tuition Fees.



Where is Texila American University Located?

Texila American University campus is located in Guyana, South America. Guyana is the only English speaking country in the Caribbean.
Address: Lot 24-42, Plantation Providence, East Coast Demerara, Georgetown, Guyana.

Is the University Accredited?

We are currently working on our international accreditation; however, we are registered with the National Accreditation Council of Guyana, and we are internationally recognized.

Are the Bachelor programs at TAU GY worth it?

TAU bachelor’s degrees are designed to fast-track your career and enables you to learn more about the realities of starting or managing a Business / Organization. Our Bachelor programs will enhance your decision making, critical thinking, reasoning skills, and managerial ability.

Does TAU Provides Scholarships and Bursaries?

Currently we do have a partial scholarship available, however, please NOTE all our tuition fees are subject to change per intake and we cannot guarantee you the scholarship available for this intake will be there for our upcoming intake. However, if in the future we have any being offered for the current intake, we would have it broadcasted on our website.

How is TAU GY different from Other Schools?

Texila American University has proven time and again that its academic excellence reflects on its students, making them sought- after professionals after graduating from our campus. Our students can thrive in any institution or situation across the globe. Apart from our green campus, we also have hi-tech facilities and state-of-the-art facilities and infrastructure. Besides being a world- class education provider for education, it is a sure destination to upgrade your future.

How does TAU help students build their profile to take on the world as young leaders and entrepreneurs?

While pursuing your educational aspirations with TAU, we offer you career guidance so that after you graduate you would be able to face the working world with great passion to overcome any challenges they may face while pursuing their careers

Is there anyone I can contact for doubts before Enrolling?

Once you are interested in pursuing studies with TAU and you have doubts or questions, feel free to reach out to one of our EAs and we would be more than happy to assist and guide you throughout the process to clear up any questions or doubts that you may have.

If I choose not to join the program, will I be refunded the Seat Deposit?

Once you enroll in one of our programs and pay your SD and then decide to cancel your application, you would need to send an email to your EA requesting to have your application cancelled and a refund will be issued for your Seat Deposit.

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