College of Information Technology

Empowering Minds Towards Technological Excellence

College of Information Technology

College of Information Technology (COIT) at TAU provides you with an educational experience that yields a responsible and responsive global leadership to positively impact employees, customers, owners, and other relevant communities. The students will acquire the skills that a good business leader requires, including the ability to apply critical analysis to management issues, will have an awareness of the responsibilities of managers in an economic, social and another environmental context. COIT programs have been developed with the expert faculties and industry professionals TAU Bachelor of Science program in Information Technology specializations incorporates various management skills to the students in a more interactive manner. The program will equip the students to face the information technology environment with confidence and also will kindle the underling skills of the students to face global IT challenges. The course is offered in Online and Blended Mode.

College of Information Technology
College of Information Technology


To establish, maintain and promote Center of excellence for imparting quality professional IT education comparable with the best in the world.

College of Information Technology


  • To prepare students for successful IT – related careers in the public, nonprofit, and private sectors.
  • To prepare the students to become a creative leader capable of using technology, data and research, training, and practical skills to prepare them for a diverse and inter- professional workforce.
  • To serve a diverse community of learners and to prepare them to serve the global community with morality and ethicality as IT executives and managers.

Program for College of Information Technology

BS Information Technology (BSIT)

Our BSc in Information Technology program offers a comprehensive foundation in the dynamic field of IT, equipping students with the knowledge and skills needed to thrive in today’s technology-driven world. Through a blend of theoretical learning and practical hands-on experience, students delve into key areas such as software development, database management, networking, cybersecurity, and web technologies. Throughout the program, students engage with cutting-edge technologies and industry-standard tools, allowing them to develop real-world solutions to complex problems.

BS IT Network Administration (BSIT)

The Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Information Technology Specialized in Network Administration & Technology Development curriculum prepares students for careers with the vital skills used in staff and managerial positions throughout the IT field, with IT companies, government agencies, and even with nonprofit organizations. The General Management bachelor’s degree program focuses on problem-solving, skills necessary in managing and maintaining an organization’s computer network. The network administration bachelor’s degree program.

BS IT Multimedia and Web Technology (BSIT)

The Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Multimedia & Web Technology curriculum prepares students for careers in Multimedia, Animation and Web technology. Multimedia is media and content that uses a combination of different content forms such as text, audio, still images, animation, video, and interactivity content forms. Web Technology is the development of a mechanism that allows two or more computer devices to communicate over a network. The Bachelor of Science in Multimedia Technology are hired as Storyboard and Concept Artists, Digital Artist.

BS IT Cyber Security & Social Computing (BSIT)

The Bachelor of Science in Cyber Security & Social Computing curriculum prepares students for offers the opportunity to gain cutting-edge cybersecurity knowledge and skills with a solid theoretical foundation as well as a good understanding of the social, ethical, legal, and policy aspects of cybersecurity. Students learn to design and develop trusted software systems by adopting best practices and techniques in software development, manage and protect valuable computing infrastructure and data assets in an enterprise environment, and develop next-generation cyber skills to confront emerging cyber threats.

Master of Science in Information Technology

The aim of an MSc in IT program is to equip students with advanced knowledge and skills in various areas of information technology. It focuses on providing a comprehensive understanding of IT principles, methodologies, and technologies, and aims to develop students’ expertise in specialized IT domains such web technologies, mobile computing, Machine learning, Human computer interaction, data management, cyber security and cloud computing etc,

Web Technologies Specialization (MSIT)

The Web Technologies specialization curriculum prepares students through knowledge and understanding of web technologies in all its diverse aspects and its applicability to a wide range of practical contexts. In the past twenty years, the web has had a major impact on the way in which we work, live, and learn. As the sector continues to grow there is a constant need for individuals and organizations to keep abreast of new developments in the field.

Mobile Computing Specialization (MSIT)

The Mobile Computing specialization prepares students to get an in-depth insight into the almost limitless possibilities of a truly global, all-pervasive, mobile computing connectivity. The program prepares graduates to provide students with the theoretical and practical skills to build and develop mobile and smart device applications, manage, and protect them. Mobile Computing aims to confer a professional specialization with great emphasis on mobile computing.

Machine Learning and Human-Computer Interaction (MSIT)

The Machine learning and Human-computer Interaction specialization curriculum prepares students for careers in machine learning, artificial intelligence, and human computer interaction. The study of machine learning and human computer interaction brings together original research and review articles discussing the latest developments in the field of human-machine interaction based on machine learning and to create a conversation between people and machines that seems natural and intuitive.

Data Management and Cyber Security Specialization (MSIT)

The Data Management and Cyber Security specialization curriculum prepares students for careers in how to deal with the increasing threat of cybercrime that is associated with the rapid technological advancement of today’s world. Pursuing this course can transform you into a cybersecurity expert that can help you land highly sought-after jobs in almost every industry. This programme is designed to help students learn to employ big data and develop comprehensive security strategies, which is vital for the smooth running of every modern organizational infrastructure.

Data Analytics and Big Data Specialization (MSIT)

The Data Analytics and Big Data specialization curriculum will equip students with the necessary skill and ability to analyze, formulate and evaluate business data in the organisation and for career with analytical database knowledge, the ability to apply analytical database tools, techniques, and methods, and the ability to design, develop, implement, programme, and maintain data marts and data warehouses. It is a core subject in data science with the aim to develop methods to examine sizable and multivariate datasets.

Cloud Computing Specialization (MSIT)

The cloud computing specialization curriculum which provides opportunities for students to develop digital skills for cloud computing and access to industry. This helps to enhance the student learning experience, ensuring students are equipped with the skills required to launch and develop their cloud careers in a digital-first economy. Students will get the opportunity to demonstrate industry-transferable competencies in core areas whilst enhancing their employability attributes.

Doctor in Information Technology

The College of Information Technology at TAU imparts all the technical research skills to the students to get expertise in various technologies and keep them updated in the global scenario. The School of IT provides a unique learning experience that would enhance a student’s education professionally. The College of IT is strictly adhering to its curriculum on the current technology and standards to meet the everyday challenges in the IT industry.

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