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Texila American University is a top accredited Caribbean Medical School that has become a beacon for next-generation physicians.

Students embark on transformative journey, beginning medical degree and enriching their scientific foundation with coursework in anatomy, physiology, and other fundamental sciences. By their third year, students will have the immersive experiences of developing Doctor and Patient relationships and participating in hands-on training at the local hospital.

It is TAU’s goal to cultivate the development of physicians that have a world view of medicine and, whether they have residencies in the United States or Canada, Europe, Asia or Africa, the lessons they learn will inform their practice and elevate their stature in their fields.

In an era characterized by groundbreaking research and evolving treatment paradigms, the need for highly skilled medical practitioners is paramount. Within our dynamic environment, TAU serves as a crucible for nurturing such professionals, primed to navigate the ever-changing landscape of healthcare with finesse and expertise

Texila’s College of Medical Curriculum includes:

  • Medical Knowledge
  • Professionalism
  • Patient Care
  • Interpersonal & Communication Skills
  • Systems-Based Practices
  • Interprofessional Collaboration
  • Practice-Based Learning & Improvement
  • Personal & Professional Development

Dedicated Faculty

The heart and soul of every medical school begins with the people who educate. Texila American University’s College of Medical faculty is both diverse and multicultural, representing many different perspectives on medicine from institutions and training facilities around the world. Our staff is represented by members educated in the United States, India and the Philippines, among many other countries.

Join Motivated Students
From Around the World

At TAU, our medical training offers a truly global perspective. People from every corner of the world come together on our campus, united in their pursuit of skills that will enhance their future practices and improve patient care. Discover what residents from your country experience at TAU.

United States





Central America

Benefits of a Texila American University Education

U.S. Based Clinical Campus

High Performance in Licensing Exams

Low Student to Faculty Ratio

Unique Program Curriculum

College of Medicine


Affordable Tuition

Hospital-Based Training

State-Of-The-Art Facilities

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College of Medicine
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