Pre med Doctor of Medicine

Pre-Med Program

Our Caribbean Pre Med program is designed to provide students with the requisite fundamentals that are essential to become a world-class doctor.

Program Details

The Pre Medical program is designed for highly motivated high school students who have decided to pursue a medical career, and others who do not have the necessary pre-requisite courses to be qualified for the M.D. program. The program college level science and other required courses that enables the student to accelerate his/her career plans by offering all medical pre-requisite courses in a span of three semesters in 18 months.

Students with undergraduate degrees can also take individual courses in this program to complete their basic requirements or improve their grades to qualify for the MD program.

Emphasis is given to those topics within each discipline which are of primary significance to a medical education. The key objectives of the Pre Medical studies is to:

  • Provide the students with the undergraduate level courses traditionally required for entry into North American medical schools.
  • Subjects provide a solid foundation in those scientific and social sciences disciplines required for successful completion of a rigorous medical curriculum.
  • Increase skills in writing, reading and critical and quantitative reasoning.

Clinical rotations can be pursued in affiliated hospitals in Guyana/USA/Philippines.

Admission Process

  • Apply online.
  • Submit all the required documents.
  • Pay the application fees.
  • Screening of eligibility by the Admissions team.
  • Interview by the admissions committee.
  • Decision.

Admission Requirements

  • A Pass in Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) Ordinary Levels (General Proficiency Grades I-III), GCE O’Levels/ BGCSE (Grades A-C) are required in mathematics, physics (or other science subjects), biology, chemistry, English, and any other elective subject.


  • A matriculation examination such as the South African examination (or the equivalent) with strong science grades, should have mathematics, physics (or other science subjects), biology, chemistry, English, and any other elective subject.


  • WAEC/NECO must possess Five O’ Level Credit Passes in English, Maths, Physics  (or other science subjects), Chemistry and Biology


  • U.S. high school diploma (or the equivalent) with a strong GPA (3.0 and above) in science; SAT scores with mathematics, physics (or other science subjects), biology, chemistry, English, and any other elective subject.


  • Any other secondary school examination or system which is equivalent to 12 years (Indian board examination of education); with an aggregate percentage of at least 50% or above in physics, biology, chemistry and pass in mathematics, English, and any other elective subject.

Advance Standing for CAPE or ‘A’ Level Students

Students who complete CAPE Unit I or Unit II exams with grades of I to III are eligible for a maximum of 30 credits transfer, will get the advanced standing to Pre-med II and can complete the Pre-med-MD program in 5 years.

Admission Documents

  • Completed Online Application
  • Color Copy of Passport + 2 copies of Color Passport Photos
  • Official Transcripts from all institutions attended
  • Personal Statement (One page or 1500 words explaining why you want to become a Physician)
  • 2 Letters of Recommendation (At least one must come from an Academic source)


PM 1 [Semester 1]
BIO3001 Biology I 6 Credits
GCH3000 General Chemistry 9 Credits
PHY3001 Physics I 6 Credits
ENG 3001 English – I 3 Credits
TOTAL 24 credits
PM 2 [Semester 2]
BIO3002 Biology II 5 Credits
OCH3000 Organic Chemistry 9 Credits
PHY3002 Physics II 5 Credits
COS3000 Communication Skills 3 Credits
ENG3002 English II 3 Credits
TOTAL 25 Credits
PM 3 [Semester 3]
IAN3000 Introduction to Anatomy 9 Credits
IPY3000 Introduction to Physiology 8 Credits
MET3000 Medical Terminology 7 Credits
SDA3000 Statistics & data analysis 5 Credits
IBC3000 Introduction to Biochemistry 8 Credits
SMT3000 Spanish Medical Terminology 3 Credits
PSC3000 Psychology 5 Credits
TOTAL 45 Credits
GRAND TOTAL CREDITS (PM 1 + PM 2 + PM 3) 94 Credits

Apply Now

Please provide details below and we will mail you the details for Tuition Fees and Scholarships.


Selection Factors

Students to Texila American University (TAU) for Pre medical degree are selected on the basis of their academic, personal, and extracurricular abilities. Additionally, students must have the intellectual, physical, and emotional capacities to meet the requirements of a successful medical career.

TAU intends for its students to become competent and compassionate Doctors who are capable of meeting all requirements for medical responsibilities. TAU is committed to educating and training future leaders in medicine.

Hear From Our Student


I am a medical student at Texila and I like the University very much because the faculties are very good and well qualified. In short, Texila is the best with its quality of education.

Ms. Abirami Saravanan,
Doctor of Medicine (M.D.)

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