Bachelor of Business Administration

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Program Aim

The Bachelor of Business Administration curriculum prepares students for careers with the vital skills used in staff and managerial positions throughout the business field, with government agencies, and even with nonprofit organizations. The BBA degree focuses on problem-solving, strategy and planning, communication and marketing, interpersonal relations, and technology. Special emphasis is placed on preparing students for the challenges of management positions through active learning techniques, practical application of research methods, team projects, and presentations.

Program Objective

The student who graduates with a major in Finance will be able to:

  • To provide knowledge regarding the basic concepts, principles, and functions of management.
  • To develop business and entrepreneurial aptitude among the students.
  • To provide knowledge and requisite skills in different areas of management like human resources, finance, operations and marketing to give a holistic understanding of a business system.
  • To equip the students with knowledge related to qualitative and quantitative techniques for critical thinking and problem solving.
  • To develop IT skills in the areas of information search, word processing, office management software, and presentation software needed to excel in business.
  • To provide practical industrial exposure to the students to hone their managerial competencies and business acumen while attaining a holistic understanding of a business/industry.
  • To prepare the students to deliver effective oral business presentations using a variety of appropriate technologies and achieve excellence in written communications.
  • To inculcate a global view of the industrial and organizational establishments and their functions for taking viable decisions in international business setting.

Program Learning Outcomes

The program learning outcomes (PLOs) set out the academic learning, skills, and achievements that the student must reliably demonstrate before graduation.

Upon successful completion of the courses in the General Management program, the graduating students shall demonstrate:

  1. Understanding of managing for value creation and value maximization within the firm.
  2. Apply contemporary knowledge and skills in the evolving business marketplace.
  3. Analyze management processes as well as the role businesses play in a high-tech global economy.
  4. Evaluate ethical and multicultural issues within a diverse workplace environment.
  5. Examine a variety of business accomplishments in international and domestic markets.

Program Structure

Year Semester Block code Subjects Credits
Core Courses
Year 1 Semester 1 Block 1 MG2101 Organizational Behavior 4
Block 2 LA2101 Business Communications 4
Block 3 MG2102 Principles of Management 4
Block 4 MA2101 Basic Mathematics 4
Semester 2 Block 5 MK2101 Principles of Marketing 4
Block 6 MG2103 Fundamentals of Business Environment (Management Theory) 4
Block 7 AC2101 Principles of Accounting 4
Block 8 LA2102 English 4
Year 2 Semester 3 Block 9 BL2201 Business Law 4
Block 10 HR2201 Human Resource Management 4
Block 11 EC2201 Business Economics 4
Block 12 MA2202 Statistics for Business Decisions 4
Semester 4 Block 13 MG2204 Strategic Management 4
Block 14 MG2205 Research Methodology 4
Block 15 MG2206 Entrepreneurship 4
Block 16 MG2207 Business Management Internship 4
Specialzation Courses
Year 3 Semester 5 Block 17 Specialization 1 4
Block 18 Specialization 2 4
Block 19 Specialization 3 4
Semester 6 Block 20 Specialization 4 4
Block 21 Specialization 5 4
Block 22 Specialization 6 4
Year 4 Semester 7 Block 23 Specialization Elective 1 4
Block 24 Specialization Elective 2 4
Block 25 Specialization Elective 3 4
Semester 8 Block 26 MG3208 Project Work 20
Total Credits 120
Bachelor of Business Administration

Ms.Amanda Shivlal
Bachelor of Business Administration (Part-Time)

“Studying tertiary education at university can be an intellectual challenge at times. But I must admit that enrolling in the Bachelor of Business Administration program at Texila American University has been the best decision of my life yet. The learning environment is up to the standards and is comfortable with the best learning facilities. Currently, studying Organizational Behavior as my first studies here so far has been the greatest experience with the most supportive learning environment, faculties, and cooperative classmates. I’m very thankful and obligated to Texila and those special people in my life who have constantly been there with supportive encouragement and motivation, which has kept me going.”

The Bachelor of Business Administration curriculum prepares students for careers

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