Guyana Campus Facilities

Guyana Campus

Texila American University (TAU) boasts a sprawling 120,000 sqft campus nestled in the vibrant Providence area of Guyana. Surrounded by bustling shopping malls, diverse restaurants, and abundant student accommodation options, TAU’s location provides students with a dynamic and convenient lifestyle. Amidst this bustling environment, TAU is dedicated to offering a conducive learning environment equipped with modern facilities to support its diverse student body pursuing various academic programs.

Here’s a glimpse into the campus facilities offered by TAU

Classrooms and Lecture Halls

TAU boasts spacious and well-equipped classrooms and lecture halls furnished with comfortable seating arrangements, audiovisual aids, and multimedia resources. These facilities are designed to facilitate interactive and engaging learning experiences for students across all disciplines.

Library and Learning Resource Center

The campus features a comprehensive library and learning resource center stocked with a vast collection of academic textbooks, reference materials, journals, and online databases. Students have access to quiet study areas, computer terminals, and knowledgeable librarians who provide research assistance and support.


TAU’s state-of-the-art laboratories provide students with hands-on experience and practical training in their respective fields of study. These facilities are equipped with modern equipment, instruments, and technology to conduct experiments, simulations, and research projects effectively.

  • Anatomy Lab: Equipped with anatomical models and cadavers, students learn human anatomy through hands-on dissection, guided by experienced faculty.
  • Pathology Lab: Students study disease processes and diagnosis using advanced microscopy and diagnostic equipment, under the guidance of expert pathologists.
  • Biochemistry Lab: Students perform biochemical tests and experiments to understand biological molecules’ structure, function, and metabolism, utilizing modern instrumentation.
  • Microbiology Lab: Equipped for isolating and identifying microorganisms, students engage in practical microbiological techniques and gain insights into infectious diseases’ epidemiology and treatment.
  • Clinical Skills Lab: Students practice essential clinical skills in a simulated healthcare environment, including physical examinations, medical interventions, and patient communication techniques, preparing them for real-world clinical settings

Simulation Center

The campus includes a simulation center where students can engage in simulated medical scenarios and procedures using advanced simulation technology. This facility allows students to practice clinical skills, enhance decision-making abilities, and gain confidence in a controlled environment before entering real clinical settings.

Student Lounge and Recreation Areas

TAU recognizes the importance of student well-being and provides designated lounge areas and recreational spaces where students can relax, socialize, and unwind between classes. These areas may include comfortable seating, entertainment facilities, and amenities such as vending machines and kitchenettes.

Cafeteria and Dining Facilities

The campus features a cafeteria or dining hall where students can enjoy nutritious meals, snacks, and beverages. These facilities offer a variety of culinary options to cater to different dietary preferences and ensure that students have access to wholesome and affordable food options throughout the day.

Recreation Facilities

TAU’s campus provides a variety of recreational amenities to support students’ active lifestyles and relaxation needs. Outdoor recreational areas feature volleyball and football courts, offering opportunities for sports enthusiasts to engage in friendly matches and team activities.

Adjacent to these areas is a modern fitness center equipped with exercise machines, free weights, and workout equipment, allowing students to pursue their health and wellness goals conveniently on campus.

For leisure and socialization, TAU offers a vibrant student lounge furnished with comfortable seating, WiFi access, and television screens. Students can unwind here, enjoying entertainment options such as movies or sports events. The lounge also features a pool table and other gaming items like board games and gaming consoles, providing avenues for relaxation and friendly competition.

With a focus on creating a dynamic campus environment that supports both academic and recreational pursuits, TAU’s recreation facilities aim to foster a sense of community, promote physical activity, and enhance the overall student experience.

Overall, TAU’s campus facilities are designed to foster a vibrant and inclusive learning community where students can thrive academically, personally, and professionally. By prioritizing the provision of modern amenities, resources, and support services, TAU aims to create an enriching educational experience that prepares students for success in their chosen fields and endeavors.

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