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Program Aim

The College of Information Technology at TAU imparts all the technical research skills to the students to get expertise in various technologies and keep them updated in the global scenario. The School of IT provides a unique learning experience that would enhance a student’s education professionally. The College of IT is strictly adhering to its curriculum on the current technology and standards to meet the everyday challenges in the IT industry.  TAU Doctoral program in Information Technology envisages every student’s pre-requisite and provides suitable technical training for the students to get placed in the well-established organization. The program gives in-depth knowledge about the research aspects of technical and programming skills. The program is designed to keep in mind the IT industry requirements, where the students can develop their technical and managerial skills to handle complex technical problems and provide a suitable solution.

Program Objective

  • Develop substantive knowledge in their area of specialization.
  • Master the analytical and methodological skills required to evaluate and conduct research in their area of specialization and related areas.
  • Design and conduct original research in their area of specialization.
  • Demonstrate the ability to communicate the results of their research in a clear and effective manner.
  • Demonstrate an ability to work effectively with other people from various ethnic, educational, and work experience backgrounds.
  • Demonstrate an understanding and concern for the high ethical standards in business research, teaching, and service.
  • Demonstrate the ability to teach college-level courses in their area of specialization.
  • extending the limits of what is currently known through innovative and high-quality work. the capacity to devise, design and conduct research that has real academic weight, is targeted, and shows integrity.

Program Learning Outcomes

The program learning outcomes (PLOs) set out the academic learning, skills, and achievements that the student must reliably demonstrate before graduation.

Upon successful completion of the doctoral program, the graduating students shall demonstrate:

  • Perform scholarly research to assist in identifying and analyzing problems and potential solutions.
  • Apply appropriate technological solutions to achieve strategic and tactical IT – business alignment.
  • Apply critical thinking processes in analyzing information technology problems and solutions.
  • Develop IT governance on change management to support technology innovation.
  • Develop an expertise within a specialized area of information technology.
  • Develop consulting or teaching skills in information technology.
  • Subscribe to a code of ethics in leadership roles within organizations using information technology.
  • Exhibit proficiency in communication, research, writing, and critical thinking skills applicable to IT professionals.

Program Structure

Year Semester Block code Subjects Credits Research Work Role of Doctoral Committee Against the Research Work
Course Work
Year 1 Semester 1 Block 1 MG5107 IT5102 4 Identification of Guide and Approval of Guide Approval of the Main Guide and the Co-Guide.
Block 2 IT5101 Concepts of Open-Source Technologies 4
Block 3 IT5102 Enterprise Information and Storage Management 4
Semester 2 Block 4 IT5103 Human Computer Interaction 4
Block 5 IT5105 Big Data Technology 4
Block 6 IT5106 Cloud Architectures 4
Year 2 Semester 3 Block 7 – 9 Research proposal 66 Research proposal submission Review of Research proposal and approval
Semester 4 Block 10 – 12 Progress Report 1 Review of Research proposal and approval Journal Publication (1) Interaction with the Co-Guide (Review and approval)
Year 3 Semester 5 Block 13 – 15 Progress Report 2 Progress report -2 Presentation & Approval Journal Publication (1) E-Conference (1) Interaction with the Co-Guide (Review and approval)
Semester 6 Block 16 – 17 Synopsis Presentation Synopsis Interaction with the Co-Guide (Review and Approval)
Block 18 MG5201 Thesis Thesis Thesis evaluation and Conduction of Viva
Total Credits 90
PhD in Information Technology

Mr.Peter Nkhoma
Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

“My experience with Texila American University has been really great, it’s a wonderful experience and the lecturers are so friendly and interactive, they are always concerned about the studies of students. Texila American University has a standard education with very latest updated curriculums with concepts applicable to the current world. Latest technologies and wonderful libraries, it was always a wonderful feeling to be a student and to one day be called product of Texila American University.”

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