MSIT Specialization in Cloud Computing

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Cloud Computing Specialization

Program Aim

The cloud computing specialization curriculum which provides opportunities for students to develop digital skills for cloud computing and access to industry. This helps to enhance the student learning experience, ensuring students are equipped with the skills required to launch and develop their cloud careers in a digital-first economy. Students will get the opportunity to demonstrate industry-transferable competencies in core areas whilst enhancing their employability attributes.

This programme has been designed to provide unique study, application and technical knowledge through education, training and research that provides an international standard Cloud Computing training of highly skilled basic and middle level professionals responsive to the needs of the IT Industry. aims to provide students with an extensive learning experience that equips them with the cutting-edge skillsets required within the fast-growing cloud computing industry. Students will have the opportunity to gain in-demand skills for professional roles such as Cloud Developers, Solution Architects, DevOps, and Data specialists. The programme provides a considered balance of computer science principles, along with a strong focus on the conceptual knowledge and industry practices for cloud computing. Students can gain a rigorous conceptual understanding of state-of-the art, scalable cloud systems across multiple cloud service providers.

Program Objective

The objective of the Cloud Computing specialization is to equip students with expertise in the domain of cloud computing. The programme will:

  • The fundamental ideas behind Cloud Computing, the evolution of the paradigm, its applicability, benefits, as well as current and future challenges.
  • The basic ideas and principles in data center design; cloud management techniques and cloud software deployment considerations.
  • Different CPU, memory and I/O virtualization techniques that serve in offering software, computation, and storage services on the cloud; Software Defined Networks (SDN) and Software Defined Storage (SDS).
  • Cloud storage technologies and relevant distributed file systems, NoSQL databases and object storage.
  • The variety of programming models and develop working experience in several of them.

Program Learning Outcomes

Participants at the end of this course are expected to understand the domain of cloud computing. This course will give participants further insight into the following:

  1. Conduct independent research and analysis in the field of cloud computing.
  2. Formulate and implement a novel research idea using the latest industry practices.
  3. Demonstrate expert knowledge of application development, systems programming, parallel and distributed computing, and the tools, techniques and technologies of cloud computing utilised in both technical and business contexts.
  4. Critically assess, evaluate, and communicate business and technical strategies for cloud computing.
  5. Develop and implement effective business and technical solutions for cloud computing.
  6. Critically assess and evaluate security, privacy, and ethical issues associated with the storage, transfer, and processing of data on private and public cloud infrastructures.

Program Structure

Year Semester Block code Subjects Credits
Core Courses
Year 1 Semester 1 Block 1 IT4101 Advance Computer Networks 4
Block 2 IT4103 Software Project Management 4
Block 3 IT4102 Advanced Database Management System 4
Semester 2 Block 4 MG4102 Research Methodology 4
Block 5 IT4105 Software Testing and Quality Assurance 4
Block 7 IT4106 Advanced Java Programming 4
Specialization Courses
Year 2 Semester 3 Block 7 CC4201 Cloud Architectures 4
Block 8 CC4202 Cloud Storage Infrastructures 4
Block 9 CC4203 Managing Virtual Environments 4
Semester 4 Block 10-12 IT4205 Project Work 9
Total Credits 45
Cloud Computing Specialization (MSIT)

Mr.Peter Nkhoma
Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

“My experience with Texila American University has been really great, it’s a wonderful experience and the lecturers are so friendly and interactive, they are always concerned about the studies of students. Texila American University has a standard education with very latest updated curriculums with concepts applicable to the current world. Latest technologies and wonderful libraries, it was always a wonderful feeling to be a student and to one day be called product of Texila American University.”

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