Strategic Management Specialization MBA

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Strategic Management Specialization

Program Aim

The Strategic Management specialization curriculum will equip students with the necessary skill and ability to analyze, formulate and evaluate organizational goals. Thus, enabling you to develop goals that are abreast with the dynamics of the business world; consequently, giving you the means to gain a competitive edge and improve market share. Strategic Management is the study of achieving short and long-term business objectives through the effective use of a company’s physical, intellectual, financial, and human resources. Strategic Management prepares students who can take a step back from managing individual projects and can see the full picture of where the company is heading, setting clear measurable goals and targets. Strategic Management overlaps with other Business disciplines, such as Business Administration, Finance, Marketing, Risk Management, Negotiation, and Statistics. Strategic Management explores various aspects, from critical decision-making to setting business goals, from creating plans to anticipating outcomes, from analysing risks to determining which external factors represent roadblocks, and everything in between.

Strategic Management has been designed to provide the skills for ongoing planning, analysis, and monitoring for a business to reach its goals. Learn to think strategically and manage change successfully. The programme also focuses on financial planning and managerial economics.

Strategic management is a study field that focuses on the continuous planning, monitoring, analysis, and assessment of all that is necessary for an organization to meet its goals and objectives. A Master of Business Administration degree in strategic management will help students to develop a critical understanding of the challenges that project executives face in designing and implementing strategy. They will also explore how a ‘Management of Projects’ approach leads to improved value-creation and effective outcomes. Graduates with Strategic Management Degrees often take up strategic positions in major multinational organizations across sectors and industries or even build and lead their own companies.

Program Objective

The student who graduates with a major in Strategic Management will be able to:

  • Understand theories and concepts in strategic business management and implement the same to solve pertinent business problems.
  • Implement analytical tools of strategic management to provide a suitable strategic direction to the business.
  • Understand strategy formulation and implementation in real-world business conditions.
  • Integrate knowledge from other disciplines, such as Finance, Marketing, and Operations to make crucial strategic decisions.
  • Use strategic thinking to thoroughly analyze business issues.
  • Interpret various aspects of strategic management, such as strategic planning, innovation strategies, mergers and acquisitions, and competitive business advantage.

Program Learning Outcomes

The program learning outcomes (PLOs) set out the academic learning, skills, and achievements that the student must reliably demonstrate before graduation.

Effectively develop and implement corporate strategies. Set up realistic business objectives. Perform daily tasks efficiently.

  • To elaborate research questions independently, to reflect on scientific knowledge and apply it to novel, especially research-relevant contexts, as well as to pursue PhD programs.
  • To cope with pertinent responsibilities in their professional careers outside the university in a scientifically sound and practically relevant manner. Above and beyond the field of Strategic Management, graduates of the Master Program are qualified to pursue careers in different occupational fields.
  • To reflect intensively on the ethical and social consequences and dimensions when applying their knowledge.
  • Scientific careers and especially for pursuing a PhD program and/or,
  • Managerial, planning, analytical, and consulting responsibilities in the management of enterprises, in non-profit organizations, in the area of brand – 2 – management, in marketing and sales management, as well as in tourism enterprises and institutions.

Program Structure

Year Semester Block code Subjects Credits
Core Courses
Year 1 Semester 1 Block 1 MG4101 Management Principle and Organization Behaviour 4
Block 2 EC4101 Managerial Economics 4
Block 3 AC4101 Advance Business Accounting & Financial Management 4
Semester 2 Block 4 MA4101 Business Research Methods & Statistics 4
Block 5 MG4104 Marketing Principles and Practice 4
Block 6 MG4103 Strategic Management 4
Specialization Courses
Year 2 Semester 3 Block 7 MG4201 Global Strategic Management 4
Block 8 MG4202 Innovation Management 4
Block 9 MG4203 Technology and Innovation Strategy 4
Semester 4 Block 10-12 MG4204 Project Work 9
Total Credits 45
Strategic Management Specialization MBA

Ms.Bukola Ayoola
Master of Business Administration

“I found the support from the Student Mentor very cordial and professional , I have worked with two student mentors and both have been very supportive and willing to help while necessary.“

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