Coronavirus Information

COVID-19: Coronavirus Information

Texila American University is closely monitoring the ongoing Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic. As the situation continues to change rapidly, our top priority remains the health, safety, and well-being of our community, on and off-campus. We are planning for several contingency scenarios and taking decisive, informed action to limit the spread of COVID-19 while ensuring the continuity of our teaching mission. Below are the latest updates on our Coronavirus related activities and tasks. We have adopted a philosophy of WORK REMOTELY, TEACH REMOTELY, LEARN REMOTELY AND SOCIALIZE REMOTELY

Basic protective measures against the new coronavirus.

Contact Information
USA: +1-732 -789-3446
Guyana: +592-676-5194
Philippines: +63939591832
Students are encouraged to contact the student affairs office @ for any support
Texila American University, COVID Task Force
Ajay Kumar: Registrar
Bala Kumar: Asst Registrar
Dr. Dheeraj Bansal: Dean
Dr. Hugh Duckworth: Chief Academic Officer
Syam Kumar: Chief Executive Officer
June 19th Update: The fourth panel discussion on the next steps to overcome COVID-19 impact in Guyana had been conducted on this day. During this fourth series, the Country Representative of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), Dr. William Adu-Krow shared his view on the current situation in Guyana and further plans to combat COVID-19.

May 22nd Update: The third panel discussion on COVID-19 status had been conducted on this day. During this third series, the current status of COVID-19 in Guyana and the role of private institutions in controlling pandemics were discussed.

May 8th Update: The second panel discussion on COVID-19 preparedness on the topic “Medical Education During COVID-19” had happened on this day.

April 30th Update: An extensive panel discussion had been conducted on COVID preparedness.

April 23rd Update: Message from the Dean of College of Medicine. Click to more details

April 20th Update: COVID 19 situation update for Guyana, information received from the National Emergency Operations Center.

April 17th Update: After careful analysis of the current situation in Guyana and our clinical campuses, the University has decided to extend campus closure until further notice. All classes will continue online until the campus resumes regular operation.
Faculty, Students, and Staff are urged to take all the precautions and follow the University guidelines on covid-19 preparation.

April 6th Update: The third interview of Dr. Dheeraj Bansal, the Dean of College of Medicine, Texila American University, with Radio Guyana 89.5 FM had happened where the discussion was to shed light on the importance of wearing a mask.

April 4th Update: As we continue to monitor and manage the emergency situation, we urge all the faculty, staff, and students to stay positive and continue with their teaching, learning, and working activities. Masks are being stored at the University facilities and provided to all those who are in need.

March 20th Update: Excerpts from the Dean, Dr. Dheeraj Bansal’s Interview with Radio Guyana on preparedness for Corona Virus (Second Interview)

March 15th Update: CAAM-HP Site-Visit Postponement – In December 2019, Texila American University, Guyana, had submitted a comprehensive database and self-study report to the Caribbean Accreditation Authority for Education in Medicine and Other Health Professions (CAAM-HP) for accreditation. The CAAM-HP accreditation team had scheduled a site visit in April 2020. However, the team had postponed this site visit due to COVID-related restrictions on March 15, 2020.

March 12th Update: Message from the Chief Academic Officer on the changes due to covid-19 and our immediate approach.

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