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Multi-Cultural Event The student council body at our Guyana campus organized a Multi-Cultural Event on 13th Dec 2019. Students from various nationalities participated in a number of social activities that included group dance, solo singing, public speaking, and fashion show. The event began at 12 p.m. with Christmas songs by the students followed by the cultural speech in between the programs. Our students actively participated in each & every competition and enjoyed thoroughly. Towards the end, there was DJ music with all the nationality songs and students danced in the forum. As a token of appreciation, all the student class representatives were awarded a token of appreciation by the Dean COM. This turned out to be an amazing platform for the students to showcase their talents and bring the best out of them. Apart from academics, we put in our huge efforts to conduct such events to make the students outshine in their extra-curricular skills as well. As a refreshing start to the upcoming new year, this event was celebrated and finally attained a great success.

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